Studio F64 Fotografi Associati is a traditional photography studio specialized in professional photography for Architecture, Industry, Art and Advertising.

It consists of Paolo Cappelli and Maurizio Criscuolo, professional photographers with equal technical skills and style, and similar aesthetic taste, operating in the professional field in Italy since 1990 (… the name of the studio refers to the narrowest opening of the diaphragm and not to the year of its birth. to learn more read “why F64”).

After about twenty years of experience as IDRA Photo Productions, in 2008 the studio changed its name into “STUDIO F64”, slightly changing its staff and confirming the interest and the commitment to the realization of high-quality shootings. It moved to new headquarters in Via del Parco Margherita 35 in Naples, with a shooting area equipped with continuous lighting and professional flash units, dressing room and make up area, a broad and innovative space, shared with Run Communications, a company specialized in video production and post-production, documentaries and advertisements.

Architecture: Studio F64 is specialized in accurate indoor and outdoor photo shoots, with both ground and aerial shoots, documenting and interpreting the most different architectural works. The photo shoots are aimed to illustrate and interpret in the best way projects designed by Architect clients and are generally used for publications in national and international magazines and on the web, exhibitions, for archival records.
Photos of Paul Cappelli and Maurizio Criscuolo about architecture have been published in magazines such as Area, Casabella, Abitare, D’A, Domus, Ville e Casali, published on corporate websites, monographs by publishers as Skira and Ventre, and shown in national and international exhibitions in Milan, Parma, Lucca, Terni, Rome, Naples, Salerno, Paris, Berlin, Graz, Krakow, Warsaw, Barcelona, London, New York.

Construction: the studio it set up to produce specific shots aimed at documenting the progress of the construction, interpreting and illustrating the most important processes, and documenting the completed ones, with ground and aerial shoots, for the creation of institutional brochures, large format exhibition panels, websites and publications in professional journals.

Industry: another specialization of Studio F64 is the documentation of sheds, offices and production lines for the industry with impressive and panoramic images. We can set up the photo shoot location at the company to photograph the products optimizing time or in the studio, with accurate lighting and with or without a background, to enhance the technical and aesthetic aspects for catalogues.

Art: the studio also works rigorously at the documentation and cataloguing of contemporary and classic works of art, interior and exterior of churches, cathedrals, reproductions of vaults, frescos and paintings with large-format films, documentation of historical archives in digital formats, for the Cultural Heritage Departments archives and editorial publications and at the documentation, installation and interpretation of single contemporary works or exhibitions directly for the artists.

Communication: in the advertising field the studio collaborates regularly with a large number of agencies in Naples and Campania. It is specialized in still life and images constructed in the studio for portrait and fashion, interior design, textiles, and the gold sector. The images produced by Studio F64 for advertising of national or regional companies, are used for the realization of regional and national marketing campaigns, institutional brochures, catalogues, giant posters for exhibition stands, editorial and advertising pages, institutional websites.

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